Where is the Kitten Food? All Life Stage Grain Free

We know. We get it. Finding cat food that your cat loves is not easy. Never mind the challenge of finding healthy, cat food that your feline will go bonkers over. Cats are more discerning with their food than other pets. They are particular to certain textures, smells and tastes. This is why we are so eager to tell you about Performatrin Ultra Grain-Free Cat – a new addition to the Performatrin family – that is sure to impress your cat’s palate and your health – and dollar – conscious family.

Performatrin Ultra food is holistically made – meaning that it goes beyond your pet’s basic daily dietary needs and focuses on your pet’s whole health. Performatrin Ultra Grain-Free food was the next addition to the Performatrin family, providing healthy, whole food recipes for pets that prefer a grain-free diet. Performatrin Ultra Grain-Free is now available for dogs and for cats. Our lovable, cuddly, household cats are carnivores at heart. It’s this basic principle which explains why they love this food so much. Performatrin Ultra Grain-Free Cat contains a high meat content, making it irresistible to your cat or kitten.

Never heard of All Life Stages food before? This means that this food was designed for your brand new kitten, your healthy adult cat or your mature senior cat. As described in detail on page 10, All Life Stage food means you don’t need to switch foods as your cat reaches certain ages, just the quantity of food you serve them (seniors will eat less than adult cats). All Life Stages food makes feeding your cat a breeze, especially in a multi-cat household where you cannot seem to keep those little noses out of each other’s bowls!

What’s in it?
Typically, healthy foods are not the most delicious (ask any kid) but this food has 4 key ingredients that make it healthy and tasty for our pets:

MEAT – Cats love meat and this food has the perfect blend of turkey, salmon, duck and chicken that is going to impress even the most finicky of felines. This combination of proteins provides your cats with the amino acids they need to build strong muscles and a healthy skin and coat.

CRAN BERR Y – Urinary tract health is a common concern among cat owners, which is why whole cranberries were added to the recipe to discourage harmful bacteria from building in the digestive tract, prevent infections and provide your cat beneficial anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.

OMEGA -3 – Salmon, one of the four meats in this food, also provides an incredible amount of omega-3 essential fatty acids to your cat’s diet which help reduce shedding and improve skin and coat.

YUCCA SHIDIGERA – A prebiotic that promotes healthy bacteria and a healthy digestive tract, meaning litter box and body odours are noticeably reduced.

Transition Tip
When transitioning to a new food, keep in mind that cats have delicate digestive systems, so don’t rush it. Start by mixing 25% of the new food into 75% of the old food. Feed this blend for a few days. After that, mix the foods 50-50 for the next few days. Then feed 75% of the new food and 25% of the old food for a couple days. After this transition, your cat should be fully adapted to the new food and you can feed the new food exclusively.

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