What the best affordable option for feeding my puppy?

Dr. David Summers

By Dr. David Summers

Q: There’s so many different kinds of food out there for my puppies. How do I know what is best and one that won’t break my bank with two dogs!
– Angela B.

Answer: There are so many good puppy foods available, that anyone I point you toward would have some personal preference.

Of the better puppy foods there is two basic types of foods:

  • What we called the ‘super-premium’ foods have very good quality ingredients and are made using the best nutritional knowledge available. Some of these foods have fresh meat sources, some do not. They have some very specific ingredients that are added to help enhance overall health. Good brands of these foods are: Royal Canin, Science Diet, and Performatrin.
  • The other types of foods are called ‘holistic’ foods. These foods have also used very good ingredients and nutritional knowledge. They differ in that they have more fresh and whole ingredients. Usually in addition to fresh meats, they also have some fruits and vegetables. Holistic foods tend to have a longer list of ingredients, and many of the additional ingredients like the fruits and vegetables are added for their additional health benefits. The cost of using more whole and fresh ingredients is reflected in the higher cost of most holistic foods compared to super-premium foods. Goods brands of holistic foods are: Wellness, Blue Buffalo, and Performatrin Ultra Grain Free.

In general the super-premium foods are going to give your pup the best nutrition for your dollar, the holistic foods are going to deliver slightly better health benefits using more natural ingredients at a slightly higher cost.
– Dr. Dave Summers

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