We’re moving, how can I help my cat to relax during a long car ride and adjust to a new home?

Q: We will be moving soon and our cat does not tolerate car rides. What can we do to help her relax and prevent any accidents (diarrhea, vomiting)?
– Silvia F.

Answer: Cats are very attached to their home environments and can become quite anxious while travelling. To help ease the stress of the move, place your cat’s carrier out in the open for her to explore for a few weeks. Make sure to include a nice comfy bed along with some of her favourite toys. The small space will be very appealing to her and you will probably find that it becomes a favourite spot for cat naps. She will associate the carrier with feelings of comfort and peace. I also recommend that you spray the carrier with Sentry Calming Spray for Cats, a pheromone-based product with a lavender and chamomile scent. Use this product approximately twenty minutes before travel or whenever you see that she is feeling anxious.

Homeopet Travel Anxiety drops may be just the ticket to provide that last bit of reassurance that kitty will have a safe and relatively peaceful move. Simply apply the drops directly into her mouth in 15 minute intervals up to 1 hour before travel. This is a natural product with no side effects.

Adjusting to a new home can be quite challenging. Place her carrier in a quiet room of the house that she can call her own for a few days. Be sure to place her litter box away from her food and sleeping area. The calming spray will come in handy for you at this point as well. I have also had great success with a wall plug in from NutriVet called Pet Ease Plus. Before you know it, your cat’s natural desire to explore will take over and she will be feeling right at home!
– Carol Thibault

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