Train Your Rat

Training your rat can be a very successful and rewarding activity for both of you. Your furry little pet will love to please you and it gives you both a great chance to bond. Here are some tips to help with your training:

The Right Reward

Find what treat your rat loves and use it to motivate them. Like any other pet, feeding too much junk food is not recommended so find a healthy, favourite treat such as Simple Rewards Banana Treats or Apple Dumpling Treats. Have a few options so they don’t get bored. Remember to praise often and give a treat for correct behaviour.

Ten Minute Limit

To start, training sessions shouldn’t be longer than 10 minutes. Keep it short, sweet and during their natural “play time” during the day. Trying to train a sleepy rat doesn’t have great results!

Start with the Basics

It is recommended to start with a simple command, such as coming when they are called. The goal is for your rat to recognize the command (soft noise or a word) and come to where you are to get a treat. To start, try this when your rat in his cage. Open the door, use the word and offer the treat when the rat gets to the door. Eventually take the rat out of the cage and extend the distance between you.

Remember, most rats are very trainable! Good luck!

By Kellie McCutcheon

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