The Essentials of Training Pads

by Michelle Edmundson

Training your puppy to go to the bathroom outside can be a trying experience. As much as you try to take them out often (puppies need to go out every couple hours!) there will still be accidents. Using training pads can be a helpful tool in this process. Training pads are also an excellent option for dogs unable to go out as often, dog with issues holding their bladder and elderly dogs. Training pads allow for an easy clean up and will help protect against odours in your home. Getting your pet accustomed to pads is not a difficult process, but will take some patience. Essentials Training Pads have a built in attractant to promote using the pads. Spray attractants are also available.

When first introducing training pads for puppies we recommend confining them in a space with their bed, food and water and pads (away from the other area as much as possible). Be consistent with putting your puppy on the pads when you see them doing the “sniff around” for a spot and it is good to use a command, such as “go potty” to promote the behaviour. Reward use with a treat. Do not punish accidents. Simply put the puppy on the pad and use your command to teach them this is the correct location.

For older pets it can be a harder transition if they are used to going outside only. It is important to reward the behaviour and not get upset over accidents near the pads. Attractants can be extremely helpful with this process and leaving a small amount of urine on the pad so they know this is OK.

Your Pet’s Dental Health Routine

Your Pet’s Dental Health Routine

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