Tropical Carnival Farm Fresh Fixins

Tropical Carnival Farm Fresh Fixins Treats are loaded with garden, field-fresh and orchard grown goodies, straight from the farm. Our treats are a blend of delicious fruits, veggies, seeds and fiber-rich hay, a great way to reward your pet rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla, hamster, gerbil, mouse or rat!

Crude Protein (min) 10.0% Crude Fat (min) 12.0% Crude Fiber (max) 12.0% Moisture (max) 12.0%

Raisins, Sunflower Hearts, Oat Groats, Pumpkin Seeds, Corn, Sun-Cured Timothy Hay, Sweet Potato, Peanuts, Dried Strawberries, Green Peas, Dried Apples, Dried Apricots, Dried Carrots and Sulphur Dioxide.


ITEM # 50243 : 10.0 OZ

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