Guinea Pig Mix

Royal Cuisine Guinea Pig mix is a nutrition complete, fiber rich, pelleted mixture formulated to aid the guinea pigs's normal digestive process. Included, is a variety of fruits, and vegetable seeds to add spice to their diet.

Crude Protein 17 % (min)
Crude Fat 2.3 % (min)
Crude Fiber 15 % (max)
Moisture 12 % (max)

Guinea pig pellets may contain (wheat shorts, alfalfa meal, soya meal, soya hulls, wheat, soya oil, limestone, corn gluten, salt, vitamins and trace minerals, dicalcium phosphate, ,mould zap, vitamin ôCö, biotine, methione, choline chloride, selinium)whole oats, colored pellets may contain (ground corn, soyabeen meal, cracked wheat germ meal, vegetable oil, sucrose, dicalcium phosphate, calcium carbinate,iodised salt, di-methionine, chlorine chloride, absorbic acid (vitamin ôCö), natural mixed tricopherols, rosemary extract, citric acid, natural an artificial colors, artificial flavors, zinc oxide, copper sulfate, manganous oxide, calcium iodate, sodium selente, vitamin ôAö supplement, vitamin ôEö supplement, vitamin ôKö supplement, vitamin ôB12? supplement, thiamine, niacine, calcium pantoyhenate, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavon, folic acid, bioten) corn, colored oat groats, diced carrots, banana chips, peanuts, raisins, safflower.


ITEM # 31232 : 3.0 LB

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