The PetVille Habitat Plaza is a pet's dream play area! Designed for extra-small pets, the plaza features an advanced, easy-to-clean design and comes with fun features like:

  • Dwarf hamster tubes in every box - insert smaller tube for tiny pets.
  • Pop ups to simulate a natural environment.
  • Quiet and safe stay-fit exercise wheel .
  • Simple snap-latch - fast access, easy to clean and safe for your pet.
  • Petting pod - snaps open for easy access to your pet.
  • Modular, add-a-feature design with universal connectors, you can even connect with another habitat!
  • Durable food dish.
  • Safe and secure wrap-around wire wall for air circulation.
  • Lookout/observation window.
  • Size: 16.8" x 11" x 7"

$39.99 ea.

ITEM # 74292 : 1.0 EA

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