Ferret Nation - Double Unit w/Stand

Midwest Metal has watched very closely how ferrets play, eat, sleep, interact attending to their every need for maintaining a content, happy and safe lifestyle, creating Ferret Nation. Interlocking panels safely and securely lock in place without the use of any screws, nuts or bolts!

  • Includes: 2 pans, 2 shelves, 3 ramps (& covers).
  • Full width double doors provide maximum accessibility for easy cleaning and feeding
  • Wide expanse shelf and full width plastic pan floor provide maximum play area and prevent dangerous falls
  • Swing-up locking ramps secure sections for cleaning the cage, feeding and separating ferrets
  • "Happy Feet" ramp covers protect feet and provide traction and no-slip passage between levels
  • Angled ramps are appropriately angled for ferrets safety
  • Sturdy square tube frame and wire construction
  • Easily manoeuvrable stand with locking casters
  • Stand provides storage area
Dimensions: Model 182 36"L x 25"W x 63 1/4"H

$259.99 ea.

ITEM # 74131 : 1.0 EA

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