Small Pet Dental Care

Small pets like guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters and rats have teeth that continually grow. Therefore, unlike humans, dog and cats where it’s important to maintain tooth health, the most important part of dental care with small pets is giving them the opportunity to regularly wear their teeth down. As with any pet, regular vet visits will help you keep tabs on your pets overall dental health, but there are also products available at your local Pet Valu that will give your pet a dental edge:


Small pets have teeth designed to help the break down tough vegetation.  Because of this, the teeth continue to grow to compensate for the natural wear. Hay is high in fiber, so great for their diet and eating it will also help to wear down your pet’s teeth. Give your pet hay in addition to nutritionally complete pellets. We offer bags of hay, and you can even find edible mats, toys and houses made from hay if you are looking for a special treat.


Having something to gnaw on is great for keeping your pet occupied and keeping their teeth at a healthy length, there are different kinds of chews available, including:

  • Wood chews
  • Loofa chews
  • Deer antlers

Variety is the spice of life, so make sure to mix up your pet’s hay and treat choices. Your local Pet Experts at Pet Valu would be happy to help you pick out something new.

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