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Breed Health Food Bags

Breed Health Nutrition®

Through tireless research, we developed precise breed formulas for cats and dogs. Each breed formula is tailor-made for the specific traits, habits and health needs of that particular breed. From muzzle length to muscle makeup, we obsessively studied it all. SHOP NOW ‣

Canine Nutrition Food Bags and Cans

Canine Nutrition

Don’t see a breed formula for your dog? We still have a perfect diet for them. Our Size Health Nutrition™ formulas are designed to provide precise nutrition by focusing on a dog's key developmental and physical differences, such as length of puppyhood, muscle and bone development, jaw size and digestive capacity. SHOP NOW ‣

Feline Butrition Food Bags and Cans

Feline Nutrition

Royal Canin has developed a range of cat food formulas to meet your cat’s age, lifestyle, and sensitivities, like weight management, hairball support, and sensitive stomach. So whether you have a kitten, adult or mature cat, we have a nutritional solution that fits your cat’s needs perfectly. SHOP NOW ‣

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Royal Canin's Philosophy


We work to improve the lives of cats and dogs by pushing the boundaries of innovation to strengthen the link between pet health and nutrition.


We prioritize research and development to formulate innovative nutritional solutions adapted to the specific health needs of pets.


We observe how each nutrient affects cats and dogs of different breeds, sizes, life stages, lifestyles and therapeutic conditions to provide precise nutrition for cats and dogs.


We collaborate and partner with leading veterinary colleges and universities, breeders and other pet experts to better understand pet health and nutrition.

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