Febraury 10th, 2017

Precautionary Recall of Wellpet 12.5oz CAT CANS

There is a precautionary recall on some Wellpet 12.5oz size Cat Cans. Foreign material in a non-Wellpet item was found in the same facility where Wellpet makes this sized can. While this was not found in any food product, Wellpet has decided to recall this particular product with the Lot Code shown below.

12.5oz – Wellness canned cat Turkey & Salmon:
BB 08/05/2019

12.5oz – Wellness canned cat Chicken:
BB 08/03/2019 ‘ | ‘BB 08/04/2019

12.5oz – Wellness canned cat Turkey:
BB 08/04/2019 ‘ | ‘BB 08/05/2019

If you find this lot code on any purchased products, please return the Wellpet product to your local Pet Valu with a copy of the receipt for an exchange for another Wellpet can.