Hit the Road

DID YOU KNOW? Just like the rest of your family, your pet needs to buckle up for safety

Beat the Heat

DID YOU KNOW? Dogs can’t sweat through most of their bodies, they mainly use panting to help them cool off.

Have a Ball

DID YOU KNOW? Tennis balls are actually abrasive to your dog’s teeth. If your dog is ball crazy, your local Pet Valu has lots of great options that are meant for dogs, including our top-selling ball, the Chuckit! Ultra Ball.

Splash Down

DID YOU KNOW? Not all dogs are natural swimmers, so use extra care when cottaging or vacationing by the lake or ocean. If you plan on boating or canoeing with your pet, be sure to pick up a lifejacket. The handle on the back of our lifejackets makes it easy to help your pet back in the boat.

Fly High

DID YOU KNOW? When playing on hot summer days, it’s important to offer lots of water and take regular breaks in the shade. Never leave your pet alone in a car on warm days. To learn the signs of heat stroke, and what to do if you encounter is, read our safety article.