October 16, 2015

Recall Notice: Kurgo Skybox Bike Basket

Due to reports of the Skybox Bike Basket’s plastic clamps breaking, Kurgo is conducting a voluntary recall of the Skybox Bike Basket. We have removed this product from our shelves.

For more information, and to return an affected product directly to Kurgo, visit:  http://www.kurgo.com/product-safety

September 16, 2015



While we are sad that this year’s bandana fundraiser has come and gone, we are more than excited to announce the results of our efforts!

In just 2 months, our 160 stores and their incredible customers were able to raise:


This year’s total is more than each of our last four years COMBINED !! Every dollar of this grand total will be donated to the U.S. War Dogs Association to help serve our canine heroes in many ways. We couldn’t be more proud to have such wonderful customers and to be supporting such an incredible organization! Thank you for helping us reach and surpass our goal for this year’s donation.

But wait.. we don’t want it to stop here! The bar has been set for next year’s fundraiser. Mark your calendars!

August 6, 2015

United States War Dog Association

U.S. War Dogs

While we enjoy our daily freedom, there are many two-legged and four-legged soldiers fighting overseas to give us that right.

In July of 2010, Pet Valu began working to raise money for the United States War Dogs Association. Our four-legged soldiers have been unsung heroes for many years, many times without the proper equipment.

Pet Valu has made it our mission each year, from Independence Day to September 11th, to raise enough money to: provide these dogs with cooling vests, doggie goggles (doggles), and boots, fund transportation back to the U.S. after service, properly memorialize fallen soldiers, and find forever homes for the veteran dogs after service. Our mission begins by donating the proceeds of every $5 American Flag bandana to this cause.

In 2014, we raised $215,000 for our furry heroes.

In 2013, we raised $130,000 for the U.S. War Dogs.

Since 2010, our donations to this incredible organization have totaled over $400,000 but we don’t want to stop there! See your nearest Pet Valu before September 11th to buy your bandana.

To read more about U.S. War Dogs, visit their website HERE.

July 2015

America’s Vet Dogs

Each day for the month of March, all proceeds from sales of our $3 hand sanitizer bottles are donated to America’s VetDogs.


America’s VetDogs is a non-profit organization that helps disabled veterans who have honorably served our country by providing them with service dogs to support them. There are guide dogs for vets with vision impairments; hearing dogs for vets who have lost hearing abilities; service dogs for physically disabled individuals; facility dogs for rehab processes in hospitals; and PTSD service dogs who provide emotional and physical support.

In March 2015, with the help of our wonderful customers, we were able to raise $55,000.

In March 2014, our sales of hand sanitizer bottles totaled $40,000 in donations!

In two months of hand sanitizer sales, we have been able to donate $95,000 to America’s VetDogs! We will continue to support this invaluable organization and its efforts again in March 2016! Mark your calendars!

Calling all Cute Critters!

After our winners were announced and our calendar released, each sale of our 2015 Calendar was donated to organizations that work to prevent animal cruelty. Sales for this calendar totaled $108,418 and were donated to these prevention groups! Thank you to all of the adorable submissions and participants!

Our 2016 Calendar winners have been announced on our Facebook and the calendar is coming to stores near you! Let’s make the 2016 sales donation even better than last year!

June, 2015

April is Pet Appreciation Month

Each April, we collect donations for our local rescue organizations as part of our Pet Appreciation message. For customers to participate in donations, products of all kinds were accepted, as well as monetary donations on paper paws to be posted around their local stores. In addition to the paws, Pet Appreciated Weekend comes once a month with a chance to donate the cost of a self-serve dog wash to the rescue shelters.

In 2015, our Pet Appreciation Month efforts resulted in over $500,000 in monetary and product donations and found almost 800 rescue pets a loving forever home!

In 2014, our donations reached $200,000 for rescue shelter organizations!


May 2015

Show Your Soft Side

What could be better than our favorite celebrities pairing up with cute animals? Nothing!

We couldn’t be more proud to announce our partnership and support of Show Your Soft Side Campaign. The organization brings light to incidences of animal abuse by putting forth this message, “Real men do not hurt animals; only punks do”. The campaign includes big-name stars like NFL legend Vince Papale, fighter John Rallo, and lacrosse star Paul Rabil.


Litter Drives

One of our favorite special store events is the semi-annual Litter Drive! During specified months, stores collect donations for cat litter to be donated to local rescue shelters.

This year was extremely successful for our litter drives. Our February drive donated almost $50,000 worth of litter while our June Litter Drive donated over $114,000 worth of litter! Our cumulative 2015 drives reach $164,000 worth of cat litter donations! But don’t forget, we have an October Litter Drive coming soon!

After great success at our February Litter Drive, our June drive alone donated 500,000 POUNDS of litter to local shelters housing feline rescues. Our 2014 drives totaled over $246,000 worth of litter donated.

Combining our 2013 and 2014 litter drive efforts, we were able to send 1.5 MILLION pounds of litter to rescue shelters!

Thank you for the help!

April 2015

Pets Come Clean for Cancer

When Pets Come Clean for Cancer, each wash’s cost is donated to the Animal Cancer Foundation!

At our Pets Come Clean for Cancer event in 2015, we raised $16,000 for the ACF!

At our first ever event on May 17, 2014, we raised $6,430! Keep your heads up for our 2016 event!


Pictured aboce: ACF Vet Oncologist, Kate Vickey