New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Parents

As a fellow pet parent, you likely enjoy including your pet in as many aspects of your life as you can. So when it comes time to commit to New Year’s resolutions, why not include your pet? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Out with the old

There’s no better time for a fresh start than January. Some simple cleaning tasks can really set you up for success in the New Year:

  • Now that your pets are still distracted by the new toys they got for Christmas, take the time to deep clean the rest of the toy box and give their bed a good wash as well. We’ve got lots of great cleaning products that also help keep the cat tree, the litter pan, and feeding mats safe and clean.
  • Take a look at your pet’s collar and leash – is there any visible wear? Is it looking a little faded after a winter’s worth of salt and sand? If so, consider picking up a new, bright collar and leash. Sometimes little changes like this can help motivate you get out and walk even when the weather is at its chilliest.
  • What about the litter box? Investing in a new one (plus some pet-friendly cleaner) is a great way to start 2017 on the freshest foot.

Get Fit

After the indulgence of the holiday season, we could all use a little boost in starting or refreshing our fitness routine.

  • Many of use New Years as a time to get back to our fitness goals, and your pet could really benefit from this if you include them! Dogs are the ultimate walking/jogging companion.
  • If you are already pretty active, or outdoor activity is off the list (for certain breeds of dogs and cats), consider a change in your pet’s diet. The Performatrin Healthy Weight line is designed to support healthy weight control through a program that reduces caloric intake, while promoting your pet’s whole body health and wellness. Plus many of the formulas contain fish – which will help keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy through the drying winter months.

Stay Sharp

A few little changes can help you both look and feel your best.

  • Exercising your pet’s mind is just as important as keeping them physically fit. Pick up a toy that puts your pet’s problem-solving skills to work, such as a treat-dispensing toy, or make a game out of your existing toys like hide and go seek.
  • For cats, a new cat tree is a great way to entertain them and can help keep them fit. It’s also a great idea if you are planning on investing in new furniture for yourself in 2017.
  • Another way is to teach new tricks – pledge to train your dog (or cat!) three new tricks over the coming year. Just make sure you pick up lots of training treats.
  • Up your grooming game: Pledge to start grooming your pet more regularly, or even invest in a de-shedding tool so your grooming sessions go even further. If nail clipping is a chore, look at investing in a grinder.
  • Finally, consider taking a class together. Agility, obedience, and lots of other dog sports are available year-round thanks to indoor facilities.

On behalf of all of us, here’s hoping 2017 is the best year yet for you and your pet!

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