Meet The Brand: Earthborn Holistic

warrenTo celebrate the launch of Earthborn Holistic in all of our stores, we asked Warren Hill, President of Earthborn Holistic a few questions about the brand.

Can you tell us a little about what makes Earthborn Holistic special?

Warren: There are a number of things which certainly make us unusual. For example, we’re a small, family owned company whose only business is pet food. Furthermore, and this is increasingly rare, we actually produce Earthborn Holisitic ourselves. This gives us complete control over the formulas, product safety and quality. Many pet foods today come from companies which have no production capabilities whatsoever so they rely on contract manufacturers for production.

We do just about everything else in-house too. We formulate the products, source the ingredients, manage quality control and facilitate product safety. Regarding product safety, we’re fanatical about it. Our products are subjected to rigorous safety checks. In our history we’ve never had a product recall. As you know, that also makes us unusual! All of this has paved the way for Earthborn Holistic to be the recipient of some very high level external endorsements and recommendations.


Earthborn Holistic is also focused on showing some love to the planet, how does choosing Earthborn help environmental causes?

Warren: Love your pet, Love your planet. That’s our motto! The most notable example of our support for the environment is the UPC for Trees Campaign through which we help consumers help the environment by planting trees in deforested areas around the world. Very simply, before recycling Earthborn Holistic bags, the UPCs may be redeemed for newly planted trees. Just send in the UPCs and we’ll take it from there, paying all of the administrative and planting costs. To date, the UPCs For Trees Campaign is responsible for planting approximately 180,000 trees and growing!

What, in your opinion, is the hardest part of selecting a quality pet food?

Just selecting a pet food these days is enough to make anyone crazy. Consumers are inundated with different pet foods, each claiming to be the best. Most consumers aren’t pet food experts. Many just want to safely provide good nutrition at a reasonable price. Quality foods are out there but sorting through all of the marketing “noise” can be difficult.

Are you a pet parent yourself? Tell us a little more about your pets and their food preferences .

My wife and I share our home with, Catbert, a spoiled three year old rescue cat. On any given day you might find any one of the three Earthborn Holistic feline formulas in her bowl. Catbert’s diet frequently changes because, frankly, I’m a bit of a pet food nerd and I like to look for dietary changes and palatability preferences. My wife and I (& Catbert) are advocates for high quality, grain-free nutrition.