Is it safe for my senior dog to snack on my kitten’s food?

Question: We just got a kitten and our senior dog loves eating the kittens dry food and treats , is it safe?
– Ashlee H.

Answer: Dogs like cat food because the higher meat protein in a cat food makes it taste better. Eating some kitten food is safe. Eating only kitten food can eventually lead to being overweight or result in some other health problem such as kidney problems. If you are leaving the kitten food down and your dog is stealing from the bowl, you need to find a place where only your kitten has access to the food, a different room, floor of the house, or put the kitten food in a cage where the opening is too small for the dog to get access. If both are feeding out of the same bowl there is no way you can control how much food each pet is going to consume. It is likely one pet is going to get thin, or one pet is going to get fat, or you are going to have one of each. Dogs can eat cat treats, and (if they will eat them) cats can eat dog treats. Treats after all are only a small portion of the pet’s daily food consumption.
– Dr. Dave Summers

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