Hydration & Pets

Keeping hydrated is important year-round, but summer heat and the outdoor activities it encourages can dehydrate your pet quicker.

How can you tell if your pet is dehydrated? Here’s a quick test for cats and dogs:

How to test for dehydration:

  • Gently pull up the skin along your pet’s back or neck a few inches.
  • The skin should snap back into place; skin that remains tented for several seconds is a sign of dehydration.

How to fight dehydration at home

Just like us, pets may have preferences when it come to their water drinking needs, we carry bowls in a variety of materials including metal, ceramic and plastic. If your pet doesn’t seem taken by his or her current bowl, it might be worth trying out a different type. Regularly cleaning your pet’s water bowl is also a good idea to keep them drinking.

For some pets, the water bowl just isn’t a draw. Sometimes pets can seem disinterested with their water bowl, but are fascinated by the sink, hose, or worse, the toilet. These pets may be craving fresh, flowing water, and for that we recommend a drinking fountain. We offer fountains just for pets in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Another good way to get your cat to consume more water is by adding wet food to their diet, or by adding water to their kibble. If your cat is a slow eater, we recommend feeding more frequent, smaller meals, as wet food will be spoil more quickly.

We also have outdoor solutions for the yard, from bowls with a frozen core that stays cold for hours to attachments for your outdoor hose.

And on the go

Don’t count on your summer fun destinations to always have water on hand, and it’s a good idea to test the temperature of communal bowls left out in the sun before letting your pet drink. The best plan is to bring along a portable water container. Again, the ones that is best for your pet will come down to preference, but we carry portable and foldable bowls, or bottles that carry along their own drinking compartment.

Another way to stay hydrated is to keep cool, we also carry cooling coats and mats.

Pet Adoption 101

Pet Adoption 101

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