How can I stop my cat from counter-surfing?

Q: My cat won’t stay off our countertop and is getting into the bread, what do I do?
– Sarah M.

Answer: Counter-surfing is quite common with cats and often a source of concern and embarrassment for pet parents. Counter tops are high up from the floor, covered in trinkets, food, occasional dirty dishes and a fresh supply of moving water. From the cat’s perspective, this is a winning combination!

Changing your cat’s behavior will require everyone in the family to make a concerted effort to clear away all food, soiled dishes and tiny objects from all surfaces in your kitchen. Once you have made the kitchen unappealing for your cat, visit your local Pet Valu store. We carry a product called Sticky Paws which is essentially a two way tape. Attach the tape to some inexpensive place mats and leave them on the counter. Your cat will quickly realize that she does not enjoy the sticky feeling on her paws.

Cats love to perch in high places. By giving her something she can call her own, you are fulfilling her needs as well as your desire to keep her safely away from your food and stove top.

Thomas, a charming little fellow who is waiting to find his furrever home at our Virgil location recommends the Kitty Cradle by Classy Kitty. Whenever Thomas is not busy making our customers feel welcome, he can be found fast asleep on his favourite cat tree.
– Carol Thibault

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Pet Adoption 101

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