How can I slow down shedding?
Carol Thibault

By Carol Thibault

Q: I have two adult labs and am wondering if there is something I can do or give them to slow down the shedding as it gets really bad and they don’t shed at same time?
– Michele R.

Answer: The best way to deal with shedding is to take proactive approach to grooming. Regular brushing and baths can help by pulling out shed hair. Brush your pet regularly using a rake or a slicker brush, our pet experts can help you pick out one that suits your pet’s coat and size. You might also consider picking up a FURminator, a deshedding tool that pulls out the undercoat gently.  Skin and coat supplements also boost skin and coat health, which can lead to a reduction in shedding.

Making regular appointments with our groomers can help keep shedding in check, but we also offer a DIY option that is great for big dogs like yours. Our self-serve dog washes allow dogs to walk up and into our raised tubs, reducing strain on your back. We also provide the shampoo, towels and a high-velocity dryer (another ally in the war against stray hair). Brush your dogs before and after the bath for maximum hair removal.

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