History of the Easter Bunny

If the legend of the Easter Bunny is true, perhaps a four-legged, hoppity friend may be laying eggs around your home come April 20th!  But where exactly did the Easter Bunny come from!?


That’s right!  German immigrants brought the Easter “Hare” to the Pennsylvania Dutch area during the 18th century.  According to the tale, children would make nests in their caps and bonnets before Easter, and the Easter hare would bring colored eggs to the children who were good.  This concept stuck as the egg-laying bunny that we idolize in our culture today.  The tradition has since evolved over many years to the present day where we hide the Easter Bunny’s eggs around the house or yard, color our own eggs and receive chocolate, jelly beans and other small gifts in our Easter baskets!

Fun Facts

Everyone knows Easter is synonymous with egg hunts, jelly beans and chocolate. It’s easy to participate in fun holiday traditions, but what do you really know about the Easter Bunny?  Check out these fun facts about the furry legend and his special day:

  1. Due to their unbelievable fertility, rabbits are seen as a symbol of spring and rebirth.
  2. The Easter Bunny has been mentioned as early as the 16th century in the German culture.
  3. The Easter Bilby is the Easter Bunny’s cousin from Australia!
  4. Eostre was the Pagan goddess of spring, whose symbol was a hare.
  5. Former American President Rutherford B. Hayes started the annual White House Easter egg roll in 1878. The chefs make about 11,000 Easter eggs for this event!
  6. By bringing us candy for our baskets, the Easter Bunny has turned this holiday into the second-highest candy seller, right behind Halloween.  Did you know 16 billion jelly beans are made for Easter?
  7. 76% of people bite the ears off chocolate bunnies first.

Now you are an Easter expert too!

No sweet tooth for Fido!

As with every holiday, it is important to remember the safety of your pets.  At  Easter there will be candy and chocolate galore.  Just make sure you are keeping an eye on the candy and its proximity to your furry friends, as it may be toxic and potentially lethal to your precious pets!


By Ally Homa

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