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Performatrin Ultra recipes focus on whole body health and wellness




Each October, we invite our customers to try Performatrin Ultra for 30 days to see the changes it can make for your pet.



Wholesome nutrition considers your pet’s total wellness in many ways:

  • Looking beyond basic dietary requirements to create recipes that focus on functional whole foods and feature an extensive list of healthy, natural ingredients.
  • An array of fruits and vegetables like Blueberry and Pumpkin to support intestinal health, and Kelp to boost the immune system.
  • Natural sources of antioxidants such as Rosemary, Apples and Cranberries to fight cancer-causing free radicals.


Performatrin Ultra recipes include a variety of antioxidant and healthy ingredients like: kelp, chicory insulin & cranberry.

Skin & Coat:

Many formulas include DHA like Salmon Oil. Not only are these ingredients good for cognitive health, but they support healthy skin & coats as well.

Muscle Development:

Healthy proteins found in formulas with meat can help develop and maintain mucles for better strength and agility.


Performatrin Ultra offers different recipes to support stages of pet growth- from Puppy and Kitten to Senior.

Joint Health:

Check out formulas with chondroprotectives which support healthy joints through reduced inflammation and maintaining cartilage health.


Most formulas include a healthy level of prebiotics and probiotics to support a healthy digestive system.

Last, but not least-


With a wide variety of formulas and flavors, we’re sure you’ll find a recipe that your pet will love to eat- with results that you’ll love to see!



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