Habitat Sweet Habitat: Ferrets

Setting up a cage for your new ferret? Here’s what you need to know.

Choosing a Habitat

  • Ferrets are social and can live in groups or pairs.
  • Your ferret requires a well-ventilated home that’s large enough for a food dish, water bottle and a hiding area, and should have a solid floor. An acceptable sized cage for a single ferret is 36”x24”x32”; however, the larger the better. All habitats should allow sufficient space for separate sleeping, eating and litter areas.
  • Multilevel homes are preferred since they provide additional space for exercising.
  • Your ferret’s cage should be placed in a cool 65-75°F (18-24°C), low-humidity area, out of direct sunlight.

Play & Hide

  • Ferrets enjoy designated sleeping areas such as tents or hammocks.
  • Ferrets enjoy hard plastic toys, tunnels, cloth and knotted rope toys. Chew toys should be available at all times.
  • Soft foam or latex rubber toys are not safe for ferrets of any age.
  • Ferrets require out of cage activity time to exercise. When outside of the habitat, ferrets should be supervised or kept in a ferret proof play pen. Ferrets are naturally curious and can get themselves into dangerous situations if not supervised.
  • Ferrets are active and require a great deal of attention.


  • Many ferrets can easily be litter trained. A triangular litter pan should be placed in the corner of their cage away from water and food.
  • Litter pans can be lined with a recycled paper pellet, pine or aspen shavings.
  • Litter pans should be cleaned daily and completely changed weekly.

Shopping List

❏ Wire Cage (minimum size 36”x24”x32”); multi-level homes are preferred
❏ Water Bottle
❏ Gravity Feeder or Heavy Crock Food Dish
❏ Hammock or Tent
❏ Tunnels
❏ Hard Plastic or Cloth Toys
❏ Litter Pan
❏ Litter (aspen, pine or recycled paper products)
❏ Fortified Ferret Pellet
❏ Ferret Treats
❏ Ferret Shampoo
❏ Styptic Powder

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