Giving Back

America’s Vet Dogs – Supporting Our Vets

4 War Dogs
Did you know?

  • America’s VetDogs is the premier organization providing assistance dogs and training to disabled veterans and active service members. They continually strive to increase the options and services for veterans to ensure that they receive all the tools they need to once again be self-reliant.
  • All services are provided at no cost to veterans, and funding comes from the generous contributions of individuals, corporations, foundations, businesses, and service and fraternal clubs.
  • For a veteran with a serious limb injury, amputation, or traumatic brain injury, a service dog can provide stability support climbing up and down stairs or getting in and out of a chair, and can be trained to retrieve specific items, e.g., medication, a wallet, or a phone. Dogs can also be trained to alert for seizure response and assist with vision and hearing needs as well as many other tasks.
  • America’s VetDogs has placed physical and occupational therapy dogs at Walter Reed Military Medical Center. Through retrieval, bracing, and innovative tug-of-war exercises, these dogs work with soldiers as they adapt and work with their new prosthetic limbs and therapy dogs make the rounds with wounded soldiers, offering emotional support and comfort.

United States War Dogs Association

Pet Valu has made it our mission each year, from Independence Day to September 11th, to raise enough money to: provide these dogs with cooling vests, doggie goggles (doggles), and boots, fund transportation back to the US after service, properly memorialize fallen soldiers, and find forever homes for the veteran dogs after service.

In 2011, Pet Valu began working to raise money for the United States War Dogs Association. Our four-legged soldiers have been unsung heroes for many years, many times without the proper equipment.

During our fundraiser in 2013, Pet Valu and its customers raised over $130,000 for the US War Dogs, but we won’t stop there!

Local Rescue Groups and Shelters

Each one of our stores support their community rescue group or nearby shelter. We provide on-going opportunities for finding forever homes for many animals.

  • Special Monthly Events
  • Cat Adoptions in some stores supported through a local shelter
  • Pet Adoption Weekends
  • Pet Adoption Month in April
  • Thanks for Giving in November

Food and Litter Drives

Two times a year we offer an opportunity for out pet parents to help their local shelters by donating canned food or litter. Litter is offered at a special discounted price and then we deliver it to the stores’ to the local shelters. During our can drives look for a special collection bin at your local Pet Valu.

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