Together, Pet Valu and our customers are making a Huge Difference. Total Dollars and donations $12,349,000. (That's enough for 3 million Carl's Jr Cheeseburgers*) Over the last 6 years, our Pet Appreciation Month has raised over $6,675,460. It is equal to 1 in every 6 Californians chipping in $1**. Our Thanks-for-Giving campaign and Pet Food Bank has raised over $1,929,600 in dollars and product donations. That's enough to buy over 76,000 frozen Butterball Turkeys!*** Funds raised for War Dogs totaled over $1,051,000. That's enough money to hire Boyonce to perform for the vet dogs, USO Style!† Through the sale of calendars, bandanas and Head Office fundraisers, the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides received over $305,885 which has sponsored 28 teams. That's enough canine players for a Baseball Team, plus Three Umpires. Through our National Adoption Weekend, we've found Forever Homes for 17,420 Pets. That's more than enought pets to fill the full time undergraduate enrollment at Boston University‡. Plus, we raised over $2,387,000 for other great causes like the Vet Dogs, Animal Cancer Foundation and more! Thank You for your continued generosity and support

All donation totals are in Canadian dollars | Sources: **California's population is 38,332,521 | ***Average cost for a 17 lb turkey is $25.33 according to | †Beyonce charges 1 million per private show: | ‡ Boston University has an enrollment of 15,580