Frozen Raw

Feed your dog or cat the food they crave: raw! Many of our stores offer frozen raw food. We carry raw options from trusted brands in pet nutrition. Many stores source raw options locally. To learn more about frozen raw and if your pet would benefit from this diet, come speak to our Pet Experts about the options available at your local store.

Feeding your pet a raw diet can seem daunting, but at our store you will find frozen raw options that offer complete and balanced nutrition in easy-to-feed formats.

It’s never been easier to feed a biologically appropriate raw diet.

Benefits of Feeding Your Pet a Raw-Based Diet

Less processed than traditional kibbles or wet foods

Made with human-grade ingredients

Can help in correcting digestive problems & lead to firmer stools

Raw food has had any harmful bacteria removed

Helps avoid food sensitivities

Can lead to improved immunity, and can help with weight control

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