Eco-friendly Pet Products

Happy Earth Day! Here at Pet Valu we are proud to work with some great companies who are helping to make pet products more eco-friendly.

Earthborn Holistic: Not only does Earthborn care about the nutritional needs of your dogs and cats, but they also care for the planet. From their packaging (which is made in North American with clean natural gas, and is made of plastic so it’s lighter and requires less fuel to ship) to their foods (made using renewable resources) Earthborn is committed to taking the best possible care of our planet. Learn more about the Love your Dog, Love Your Planet program on their website.

Earthborn also has a great program called UPCs for trees, where you can send in your UPCs from their food and Earthborn will have trees planted. To date this program has grown into 239,074 trees! Learn more about how you can participate in UPCs for Trees.

West Paw: West Paw makes their toys in the USA, and they choose eco-friendly materials like Zogoflex, their plastic blend which can actually be recycled into a new toy over and over again! Once your dog has loved his or her Zogoflex toy to death, mail it to West Paw and they will sanitize it and use the material to make it into a brand new toy!

Planet Dog: Another great made-in-the-USA toy, Planet Dog’s Orbee-Tuff toys are recyclable. Plus Planet Dog donates 2% of every sale to the Planet Dog Foundation which supports the training, placement and support of dogs helping people in need.

Fresh 4 Life: Did you know that cat litter can come from natural and recycled sources? Fresh 4 Life’s Recycled Newspaper Litter is made from 100% recycled PaperGator biodegradable paper, which helps to reduce waste in landfills and save trees from being harvested. Fresh 4 Life Pine Pellet litter is Made in Canada from Northern White Pine, and is biodegradable and all natural.

Tropiclean: Clean and green aren’t mutually exclusive, which Tropiclean pet products prove. Tropiclean uses eco-friendly packaging, including some 100% biodegradable package elements. Tropiclean is also committed to finding and using quality ingredients produced by nature and sourced in the USA.

Chilly Dog Sweaters: Hand-knit by Inca Artisans in South America, Chilly Dog Sweaters follow fair trade guidelines, and are made with 100% wool and plant dyes.

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