The Sarge

Merrick is proud to introduce The Sarge, the first in the elite M.O.A.B series. That's army talk for Mother of All Bones. The Sarge has a big taste that is matched equally in size. This Smoked Meaty Beef Bone is equipped with Tendons, Beef Jerky, & Marrow. Dogs will run laps around the base all day just to sneak a peak at this bad boy. You better start stocking up your surplus of The Sarge before your dog goes awol. That's an order!

Crude Protein (Min.) 32.00%
Crude Fat (Min.) 7.00%
Crude Fiber (Max.) 0.50%
Moisture (Max.) 6.00% .

Meaty Beef Bone


ITEM # 55656 : 11.0 IN

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