Snout About Strap Raspberry

This nylon weave strap provides a soft but flexible option to reduce undesired behaviors, still allowing your dog to breathe and drink normally. The custom designed webbing cross is easily adjustable and fits comfortably for all-day use.

  • Design makes it difficult for dogs to remove with their paws
  • Strong nylon webbing
  • Printed grosgrain and reflective ribbon
  • UTX quick release buckle for ease of use
  • Custom designed webbing cross for adjustment

To determine size, simply measure the neck like a traditional collar:

  • 10-14" / 25-36 cm = Small
  • 12-19" / 30-48 cm = Medium
  • 18-29" / 45-74 cm = Large


ITEM # 76089 : 1.0 SM

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ITEM # 76097 : 1.0 MD

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ITEM # 76098 : 1.0 LG

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