Canine Lifejacket - Safety Orange

Keep your pup afloat with our US Coast Guard approved Lifejacket in safety orange. The ergonomical design maintains natural swimming position. Made with ultra-buoyant non-toxic NBR foam. Features d-ring for leash attachment, handle for assistance, reflective piping, and full adjustability at neck and waist.
Available in sizes from XXS to XL.

  • XXS - girth 11-14 inches/neck 7-11 inches
  • XS - girth 15-20 inches/ neck 8-13 inches
  • S - girth 18-25 inches/ neck 10-16 inches
  • M - girth 22-27 inches/ neck 13-17 inches
  • L - girth 28-36 inches/ neck 14-19 inches
  • XL - girth 32-38 inches/ neck 18-26 inches


ITEM # 62732 : 1.0 XXS

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