How to clean your small pet’s habitat

Since small pets spend the majority of their time in their habitats, it’s really important to keep that habitat as clean and comfortable as possible. Environmental stressors can also contribute to health issues, so make sure your pet’s habitat is well kept, but also situated in an area of your house that gets some natural light, but is free from drafts.

Make spot cleaning part of your daily care routine (along with providing fresh food and water), but also plan to give your pet’s home a full clean once a week.

  • Step 1: Gently remove your pet from his habitat (you might want to plan this for a time when he’s normally active), and place him in an exercise ball if you have one (just make sure someone can supervise him while you’re busy scrubbing) or a small temporary home.
  • Step 2: Pull out your pet’s food bowl and water bottle, and any wheels or decorations. Next discard all the shavings.
  • Step 3: Using warm water and a very gentle soap, scrub the pan that makes up the base of your pet’s habitat. Make sure you rinse away all the soap, and then thoroughly dry the habitat.
  • Step 4: Place a new fresh layer of shavings into the habitat, replace the food, water and other accessories. Make sure you include materials for your little friend to make a new nest.

Pet Expert Tip: Though you may feel bad about dismantling it, giving your pet the opportunity to forage for materials and make a new nest is actually good as it helps your pet stay active, both physically and mentally.


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