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Habitat Sweet Habitat: Dwarf Hamsters

Setting up a cage for your new dwarf hamster? Here’s what you need to know. Choosing a Habitat Dwarf hamsters […]

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Dwarf Hamster 101

Quick Facts LIFESPAN: Approximately 1-2 years SIZE: Up to 4” (10cm) long EXPERIENCE LEVEL: BEGINNER Socialization & General Care It’s […]

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Habitat Sweet Habitat: Chinchillas

Setting up a cage for your new chinchilla? Here’s what you need to know. Choosing a Habitat Chinchillas that are […]

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Chinchilla 101

Quick Facts LIFESPAN: Approximately 10-12 years SIZE: 9-10” (23-25cm) body plus 6” (15 cm) tail EXPERIENCE LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE Socialization & […]

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Which Small Pet is Right For You

Small pets offer a lot of great benefits. Which one of these is right for you? Rabbits Rabbits are the […]

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Classroom Pets

Kids are getting back in the classroom for another school year. You might be surprised to find that this also […]

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Hedgehogs: That’s One Quilled Critter

As with the arrival of any new pet, it’s important to consider the care that they need, whether it be […]

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Oh Guinea Pig, My Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are amazing creatures. Though not the most popular pets for children, they are one of the best pets […]

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Small Animal Food Guide

Small Animal Food Guide You can find food mixtures specifically made for each of the popular small pets. These food […]

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