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Two ferrets cuddled in leaves

Ferret 101

Quick Facts LIFESPAN: Approximately 7-9 years SIZE: Up to 20” (51cm) long EXPERIENCE LEVEL: ADVANCED Grooming & Health Care You […]

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Fancy Mouse in a hand

Fancy Mouse 101

Quick Facts LIFESPAN: Approximately 10-20 years SIZE: Up to 7” (18 cm) long EXPERIENCE LEVEL: INTERMEDIATE Socialization & General Care […]

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Dwarf Hamster in hands

Dwarf Hamster 101

Quick Facts LIFESPAN: Approximately 1-2 years SIZE: Up to 4” (10cm) long EXPERIENCE LEVEL: BEGINNER Socialization & General Care It’s […]

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small grey kitten

How can I help my rescued cat overcome her food...

Q:  My cat that I adopted from the Humane Society is obsessed with food and will try to grab it […]

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Small dog sitting with dish of food

What the best affordable option for feeding my puppy?

Q: There’s so many different kinds of food out there for my puppies. How do I know what is best […]

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Apples, beans, tomatoes and potatoes

What kind of food options are best for dogs with...

Q:  For dogs with food allergies (we believe chicken and possibly grains) what are good options for food and treats […]

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cat sitting outside licking its lips

Why is it important that cats eat a grain free...

Q:  Why is it important that cats eat a grain free diet? – Barb S Answer: There are many very good […]

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dog eating kitten's food as kitten watches

Is it safe for my senior dog to snack on...

Question: We just got a kitten and our senior dog loves eating the kittens dry food and treats , is […]

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sparrow on a branch

Wild Bird Diet

Feeding the birds is a popular pastime, especially in winter when we’re itching for spring. Bringing different bird species into […]

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