Kitten Articles

orange cat stretching

Kitten Wish List

Welcoming a new kitten into your home and life? First of all congrats! Whether you’re a first time pet parent […]

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Cat in crate

Rescue Me

Whether feral and unable to live as a house pet, abandoned by their owners or escapees that were never found, […]

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three kittens cuddled with balls of yarn

All About Kittens

Are you considering adding a new kitten to your household?

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Cat playing with Christmas tree

Pets as Presents

Think carefully before adding a new furry family member

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Cat on counter

How can I stop my cat from counter-surfing?

Q: My cat won’t stay off our countertop and is getting into the bread, what do I do? – Sarah […]

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cat sitting outside licking its lips

Why is it important that cats eat a grain free...

Q:  Why is it important that cats eat a grain free diet? – Barb S Answer: There are many very good […]

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kitten sitting in grass

Where is the Kitten Food? All Life Stage Grain Free

We know. We get it. Finding cat food that your cat loves is not easy. Never mind the challenge of […]

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little girl holding two orange kittens

Adopting a Kitten or Cat?

Adopting a new cat is very exciting but before you go and pick up your new pet you need to […]

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Cat standing on desk

Cat proofing your house

The old saying goes ‘curiosity killed the cat’. Let’s hope that’s not the case with your kitty, but cats are […]

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