Fish Nutrition and Care Articles

Closeup of goldfish

How to Care For Your Goldfish

By Kellie McCutcheon Goldfish make great pets, and are often heralded as a wonderful beginner pet. They can teach responsibility, […]

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Closeup of Blue Betta Fish

How to Clean Your Betta’s Home

 I recently brought home a pet Betta fish. Is there anything special I should know about cleaning the tank? Waste […]

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Angel fish in aquarium

Beginners Shopping List: The Basics of Aquariums

These necessities of aquarium life can be purchased separately or will often come together in an aquarium ‘starter’ kit. Filters […]

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Blue and red betta fish

Welcoming A Betta Into Your Life

  Bettas, or Siamese fighting fish can make wonderful and surprisingly social companions. They are interactive, playful and can be […]

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Goldfish in aquarium

How to Start Your Very Own Aquarium

Fish offer a solution to the space and time constraints of your average pet lover. Fish don’t need to be […]

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Yellow Angel Fish in Aquarium

Create a Healthy Aquarium

Fish are great pets – quiet and fascinating to watch. Whether you have an aquarium filled with exotic fish or […]

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