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What’s the best affordable option puppy food?

Q: There’s so many different kinds of food out there for my puppies. How do I know what is best […]

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What kind of food options are best for dogs with...

Q:  For dogs with food allergies (we believe chicken and possibly grains) what are good options for food and treats […]

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Is it safe for my senior dog to snack on...

Question: We just got a kitten and our senior dog loves eating the kittens dry food and treats , is […]

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Good Grooming

The best way to introduce grooming to your dogs and cats is gently, gradually and ideally when they are already […]

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Fleas 101

As the weather warms up again, it’s time to start watching your pet for fleas – and proactively avoiding infestation. […]

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How To Stop Nuisance Barking

It’s common to think of barking as your dog’s language, but it’s widely accepted that the majority of canine communication […]

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What’s in Your Pet Food? Ingredients Explained

From just plain Chicken to Sodium Tripolyphosphate, let’s take a closer look at pet food ingredients. Have you read the […]

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Dog in Field

Dental Care

An astounding 80% of dogs and 70% of cats show signs of oral disease by age three, according to the […]

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Causes of Weight Gain

Food Availability If the food is available free-choice and the pet finds it very palatable they can easily over eat. […]

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