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Summer Safety

Helpful tips for the dog days of summer

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Little Dog, Big World: Caring for Small Dogs

There are a lot of advantages to small dogs: They tend to enjoy longer lives, meet their exercise requirement more […]

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pet expert

Pet Expert Approved

Our Pet Experts really know their stuff, so we asked a few of them to tell us about their favourite […]

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Indoor Games To Play With Your Furry Friend

Dogs and cats were born to be athletes, workers and powerful hunters, but through thousands of years of evolution we […]

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My dog has dandruff, what do I do?

Q: My black lab is healthy and has a beautiful shiny coat, but he has the worst dandruff ever, that […]

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How can I slow down shedding?

Q: I have two adult labs and am wondering if there is something I can do or give them to […]

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Fleas 101

As the weather warms up again, it’s time to start watching your pet for fleas – and proactively avoiding infestation. […]

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6 Steps to Winter Safety

Winter is coming! Is your pet protected? Winter weather has an impact on how we live. Even though dogs and […]

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Pet Adoption Info

Everything from choosing a pet, to bringing them home! Adopting a new pet is an exciting time. Whether an adorable […]

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