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Brush Up on Your Cat Grooming

Cats naturally spend much of their day self-grooming. While many owners believe that cats do not require regular grooming, at-home […]

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Pet Adoption 101

Are you ready for a pet?

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Rescue Me

Whether feral and unable to live as a house pet, abandoned by their owners or escapees that were never found, […]

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Smile blog

Pet Expert Advice: Dental Care

Keeping your pet’s teeth healthy does more than create a great smile

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Love at First Sight

Tell us about the first time you saw your pet.

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14-2422 Product Carasels Dog Gift Guide

2014 Gift Guide

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New! Performatrin Adult Grain-Free Chicken & Potato Formula Cat Food

Looking to satisfy your cat’s carnivorous palate?

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Calming a Stressed Cat

There are many natural and therapeutic options to help relieve stress

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Cat Quirks

No two cats have the same personality

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