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What’s in Your Pet Food? Ingredients Explained

From just plain Chicken to Sodium Tripolyphosphate, let’s take a closer look at pet food ingredients. Have you read the […]

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Causes of Weight Gain

Food Availability If the food is available free-choice and the pet finds it very palatable they can easily over eat. […]

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Meet Pet Valu’s Nutrition Expert, Dr. Dave Summers

As the nutrition expert for Pet Valu, Dr. Dave Summers educates customers through his articles in Companion magazine. As a […]

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Food Allergy vs. Food Sensitivity

How can you tell the difference – and does it really matter anyway? Although the incidence of food allergies in […]

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Proper Hydration for Cats

Do Your Cats Have a Drinking Problem? They wouldn’t be unusual if they did. Cats evolved in a desert-like environment, […]

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Defining a Holistic Pet Food

When I started as the in-house nutritionist at Pet Valu, I realized even with many years of experience working in […]

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Eating Behavior of Dogs & Cats

Pet owners know: dogs will eat almost anything but cats are a little more finicky. The question is… why? Dogs […]

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Pet Food Primer

An introduction to the terminology you’ll see on your favorite bags of food. Pet Nutrition can be complicated. Pet food […]

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Where is the Kitten Food? All Life Stage Grain Free

We know. We get it. Finding cat food that your cat loves is not easy. Never mind the challenge of […]

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