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Indoor Games To Play With Your Furry Friend

Dogs and cats were born to be athletes, workers and powerful hunters, but through thousands of years of evolution we […]

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How can I make nail clipping easier?

Q: My cat hates getting his claws cut, what is a quick and easy way to do it? – Emily […]

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We’re moving, how can I help my cat to relax...

Q: We will be moving soon and our cat does not tolerate car rides. What can we do to help […]

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Three Steps to Flea-Free

If they weren’t gross, blood-sucking parasites, fleas would be fascinating! Tiny, brown, wingless, parasitic insects that feed on blood – yours […]

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All about Cat Nip

They’ll sniff it. Lick it. Cling to it. Pounce on it. Kick at it. Roll over it, and more. For […]

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How to Remove Ticks

Often fleas get all the attention when it comes to your pet’s health, but an active dog or an outdoor […]

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Litter Options

There are so many advantages to having a pet cat. They keep themselves clean, cuddle when the feel like it, […]

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Cat proofing your house

The old saying goes ‘curiosity killed the cat’. Let’s hope that’s not the case with your kitty, but cats are […]

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Feline Frenzy – Fun Cat Facts

Dogs may be ‘man’s best friend’, but cats are fast becoming the preferred pet. As of  2004 there were approximately […]

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