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Cat and owner with vet

How to De-Stress Your Cat’s Vet Visits

Did you know that cats are less likely than dogs to receive regular vet care? According to the American Veterinary […]

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Cat being brushed

Brush Up on Your Cat Grooming

Cats naturally spend much of their day self-grooming. While many owners believe that cats do not require regular grooming, at-home […]

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Dog and owner in sun

Pet Adoption 101

Are you ready for a pet?

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Cat in crate

Rescue Me

Whether feral and unable to live as a house pet, abandoned by their owners or escapees that were never found, […]

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Stressed cat

Calming a Stressed Cat

There are many natural and therapeutic options to help relieve stress

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Cat Quirks

No two cats have the same personality

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three kittens cuddled with balls of yarn

All About Kittens

Are you considering adding a new kitten to your household?

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Pet Valu pet expert stamp

Pet Expert Approved

Sorry, this entry is only available in Bosleys and Pet Valu Canada.

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Cat climbing on dog

Indoor Games To Play With Your Furry Friend

Dogs and cats were born to be athletes, workers and powerful hunters, but through thousands of years of evolution we […]

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