Cat Quirks

No two cats have the same personality, and as every Pet Parent knows, with a new day comes a new quirk. Here are a few stories some of our cat owner customers have shared with us on Facebook:


This is Theodore and he is a one year old Bengal cat. Although he may look sweet and innocent, he has his fair share of quirks! He eats (or at least tries to eat) everything, whether it’s actually edible or not. He “hunts”, “captures” and “kills” the recycling that is on the counter and then transfers his “kills” to under the kitchen table. You will often find Theo with an array of milk cartons, soup cans, pop cans and more under the table. Just the other day he opened the snack drawer got out a bag of goldfish crackers, ripped it out and scattered them around the floor. He often opens the cupboard where the cat treats and toys are stored and knocks them on the floor for him and his feline friends to enjoy. I could go on and on about him. But, at the end of the day he’s a sweetheart who likes to cuddle up under a blanket; life with this crazy cat is never boring. – Terin Wright, Pet Parent.


Our kitten Virgil loves to travel, his motto is “Don’t leave home without me”. In his short life, he has flown to Montreal from Winnipeg and then drove to Ottawa and stayed in some nice hotels! He is a well-travelled and pooped little guy. – Debbie Ristimaki, Pet Parent


This is Snorkels, and her quirk is she thinks she’s a dog! In order to get our attention she brings her carrot to you, drops it and stares you down until you throw it and play fetch.  It’s the cutest thing when cats play fetch better than our dogs! – Stephanie Alexandra, Pet Parent


This is Oodie (Oooo-dee), she is a very strange but cool cat! She loves the outdoors, but hates the snow. One of her favourite things to do during the snowy days is watch birds and mice on YouTube, she will literally sit there for hours and watch. When she isn’t watching YouTube videos she is watching action movies on our flat screen. I have purchased mechanical toys for her that move and she is terrified of them. We got her a mouse that spins around with a feather tail and she hides whenever it comes out! Her favourite toys are plain green twist ties that we make in spirals; she throws them in the air and chases them around the wood floor. We ended up getting a giant bag of twist ties because she goes through 4 twist ties a day (she breaks them and once they are soggy she won’t play with them anymore). The only other animals she’s ever gotten along with were a cat we had that passed away named Chloe who was 20 and a 125 pound dog named Endo she pretty much dislikes or is scared of any other animals. She’s the best little cat ever and all her little quirks are the best! – Sara-Dawn Bigney Langille, Pet Parent


Puccini is our beautiful 2 year old longhair Oriental. His quirk is that, like a dog, he’s chosen stuffed animals as his preferred toys. He fetches, brings them to bed and carries them around, even if they’re bigger or heavier than him. At 6 pounds, he weighs less than the bean-filled dog he’s carrying in the photo! – Sheila Doreen, Pet Parent

 katie Max always climbs into my shopping bags when I am about to leave the house. I don’t think he wants me to leave (even if it is to go buy him food or toys). His sister Cayley is never far away! – Katie Grant, Pet Parent


 Meet Oliver (Olly for short) he will be 4 months old on April 3rd, 2014. He’s been in the family for 2 weeks and he has already become best friends with our pug Moose, they have fun playing around & sharing their Pet Valu toys! Oliver has a scratch post that he goes crazy on, he climbs up and down and round and round. He has so much fun playing that he tires his young self out and then goes to cuddle with his big brother Moose. If you have ever seen it, you could say I have my own Milo & Otis! – Danielle Ferguson, Pet Parent


This is Boo, she is quite possibly the quirkiest cat I have ever met! She came into our lives totally unexpected as my friend found her curled up on the front porch of his country home, trying to get warm as the fall nights were turning bitterly cold. Due to having a new puppy, he was unable to keep the tiny kitten and posted her picture on Facebook in hopes of finding her a good home. I jumped right on the opportunity, despite my boyfriend and I being allergic. She ate, used the litter box and snuggled right into me as soon as she got to her new home. I totally wasn’t expecting all the mischief she was about to bring into our lives! Still very snuggly and actually quite needy, I wake up to her every morning as she lays on my back and purrs softly until I wake up and give her some attention. If it’s too early to get out of bed, she snuggles up beside me and has a little nap. Her best friend is our 2-year-old holland lop named Lucy. I often find her lying in the bunny’s cage or on top of it; if they aren’t running around chasing each other or snoozing under the kitchen table. She’s also learned how to climb to the top shelf of our bookshelf and sent our poor fish and his bowl plummeting to the ground, smashing into literally a million pieces. I think she just wanted to play. She’s sweet, rambunctious, and has so much personality! I was never really a cat person, but that has definitely changed, and our allergies have also disappeared! – Allison Jane, Pet Parent

Article compiled by Victoria Ferrante

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