Looking for a new family member? We are committed to partnering with local rescues to find forever homes for pets in need.

Working with local rescue groups and shelters in our communities, you will find a Pet Adoption area in a lot of our stores, showcasing animals (often cats) available for adoption. Come in and see if we have the right pet for you! Every animal deserves a second chance. Stores that do not have permanent adoption areas (and even ones that do!) often have special Pet Adoption days where local animal groups will bring in adoptable pets just for that day. Events are listed on our individual store pages.

Are you ready
to adopt?

Adopting a pet can be a 10-20 year commitment.

Can you dedicate time every day to exercising your pet physically and mentally?

Are you prepared to cover all the expenses related to pet ownership and/or pet insurance?

Do you have a support system to help look after your pet if you get sick or go on vacation?

Is your yard fenced, or is your house safe for a pet?

Have the discussion with your family and make sure everyone is on board.

National Adoption Weekend at Pet Valu

Find A Store to
Adopt a Pet